This is home screen for Worship, Inc. Users can easily control what is displayed on the projector when enabled.  Additional controls appear at the bottom right corner. The full-screen display is great for maximizing your screen.  This increases the font size to give a better view during service/rehearsal. You can easily edit song text, chords, chord locations, display settings and other song details. You can print chords sheets for band members that don't have access to the program. Add songs, videos, audio, images and PowerPoint files to display and share with everyone in your playlist. Customize how the text will appear on your projector.  Add a shadow or outline to give your text extra contrast against the background. In addition to managing playlists, chords and lyrics, Worship, Inc. displays the song text for the entire congregation. The background for projected songs can be customized with images and text over motion video to enhance the worship experience.

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