Comparison Chart

See how Worship, Inc. stacks up against the competition.  Worship, Inc. has some key advantages over other presentations software packages including pricing, chord management, and multi-user control. 

 Worship, Inc.Pro PresenterMedia ShoutEasy WorshipSongShow Plus
Price (Single License)£12.99£249£268£249£218
Price (5 Users License)£56.99£499£393£249£467
Trial Period90 days14 days30 days30 days60 days
Advanced Chord Management1
Transpose / Capo Adjustments
Multi-User Control System
Remote PowerPoint Control2
Multi-Monitor Support
Low System Requirements
PowerPoint Import
Audio (mp3, WAV, AAC) Import
Video (mp4, MOV, WMV) Import
Cloud Song database
Local Database
Text Import

1 Able to show chords from notes section only

2 From a mobile device only (iPad, iPhone, etc.)

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