Projection FAQ's

Can the projector display different material than the other displays?

Yes, projector control can be in sync with the rest of the band OR it can display other items from the playlist separately.  When projector control is selected and NOT set to Follow, the playlist position will be indpendent from the rest of the band.  When the Follow function is reselected, the projector then starts projecting what the "Lead" has selected.

Do I need someone to sit at the media desk to operate the words?

You can if you like, but Worship, Inc. control the projection of words from any computer running the software.  It could be one of the band members or just someone sitting in the congregation.

Is a way to adjust the order verses/chorus are displayed on the projector?

Below are instruction on how to change "projector order" within Worship, Inc.
  1. Select the song you would like to edit.
  2. Select Edit Song (Ctrl + E)
  3. In the lower right corner, select "Properties"
  4. Under the heading "Projector Order" select "Record"
  5. Now click the verses/choruses in the order that you would like them to be displayed.  You can select a verse/chorus multiple times as you are creating the order.  (Ex.  V1, V2, Chorus, V1, Chorus, Chorus).  The new order will be displayed on the right side of the screen.
  6. In the lower right corner, select "Save".  Next, choose which databases you would like to save to then select "Ok".
The song will display in the new saved "projector order" when pressing "Up" and "Down" on the keyboard.

Is PowerPoint Required?

To display PowerPoint presentations, the Worship, Inc. software works best with Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2007  - a free download available from  If you already have Microsoft PowerPoint (2003 and onwards) loaded Worship, Inc will use that.

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