iPad FAQ's

How do I transfer songs from the desktop version to the iPad?

The easiest way to transfer songs from the desktop version of Worship, Inc. to the iPad is by joining a shared playlists.  Any songs that are in the playlist will be automatically copied between devices.  

I'm having trouble seeing and connecting to playlists on my iPad. Do you have any suggestions?

Here are a couple of networking tips to assist with publishing and joining playlists with the iPad.

  • Verify the iPad is on the same local Wi-Fi network as the desktop PC.  
  • On the desktop PC, make sure the firewall, antivirus and VPN software is not interfering with network connectivity.
  • On the desktop PC, installing Apple Bonjour helps with networking between the PC and iPad.  Bounjour is insatlled by default with the latest version of iTunes.  http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/

When editing a song on an iPad, how do I add chords?

When editing a song within the iPad app, simply double tap in the space above the lyric where you would like to add a chord notation.  Enter the appropriate chord and save the song.  

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