Licensing FAQ's

Do I have to enter my credit card details to use the free trial?

No you don't - the trial is completely free and there is no obligation to continue at the end of 3 months

How do I transfer a license to a new computer? (Desktop Version)

To transfer a license from one PC to another PC, you must remove the licenses from the old PC by logging to   See the how to section "Removing a License" for step by step directions. Once the license has been revoked from a device, it is free to be activated on the new PC.

How long do the licenses last?

The trial period is 90 days.  This should give users to experience all the features Worship, Inc. has to offer.

I just purchased Worship, Inc. through PayPal with a different email address. How do I transfer my license?

If you complete the checkout with the same email address associated with your Worship, Inc account, activation will happen automatically.  If your PayPal account uses a different email, feel free to send us a message with your PayPal email address and the email address associated with you Worship, Inc. account.  We will be happy to make sure the newly purchased license is applied correctly.

Song licenses

Users are responsible for ensuring that they comply with copyright law by correctly licensing the songs they use within Worship, Inc.

For Christian music, CCLI provides licenses that include the right "To make overhead transparencies, slides, or to utilize electronic storage and retrieval methods for the visual projection of Songs."

CCLI also provides Church Rehearsal Licenses, enabling churches to reproduce and distribute digital copies of songs using worship planning websites.

Please contact CCLI or the appropriate publisher to ensure you have the required licenses.

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