Networking FAQ's

Do I need a special router?

No, you can use any "off the shelf" WiFi router.  If your church has a router already then you can link in with that.

How do I share a playlist?

Once you have added songs to your playlist click the "Share playlist" in the bottom right icon bar.  Other band members running Worship, Inc. should get a message box pop up asking if they want to join.

I cannot see a published playlist on my network. What might be the problem?

Worship, Inc needs network connectivity between computers to share playlists, songs, etc.  Make sure all computers are on the same network and use the same subnet.  If still expereincing problems, try connecting computers using a wired connection (Ethernet) to troubleshoot network problems.  Also, VPN connections are not supported while using Worship, Inc.

Network discovery problems

If you are having any problems with not being able to see shared playlists on the network - try installing bonjour (it comes with itunes but you can download it separately).  Worship, Inc. will work with either Bonjour or it's own internal network discovery.  Note that if using Bonjour you will need to install it on all machines running Worship, Inc. to take full advantage.

You can find the Bonjour download here

Why are the videos in the playlist not able to play on all PCs?

Videos are only able to play on the computer in which they were added to the playlist.  Videos are not transfered through the network.

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