General FAQ's

Do you offer a Mac version?

We do not currently have a timeline for a Mac version.  Worship, Inc is available for the iPad which communicates wirelessly with the Desktop version for Windows.

Do you support page turning foot switches such as Airturn?

Yes we do.  The Airturn foot switch when configured in iPad mode will send "up arrow" and "down arrow" which will move to previous and next song in Worship, Inc. in "project whole song mode" and will move to previous and next verse in "Project verse by verse" mode.

How do I add a song?

Just click the "Add new song" icon in the top left icon bar.  You can then type your song in here or cut and paste it from another document or web page.  

Note: if you are copying from a PDF it's a good idea to paste it in something like notepad and tidy it up first before adding to Worship, Inc.

How many band members can I link together with Worship, Inc.?

In theory as many as you like - when the free trial is over you will be restricted by the number of seats you purchase for your group, but if you run out - you can always buy more later.

What are the keyboard shortcuts for Worship, Inc?

Playlist Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Delete – Remove song
  • Insert – Add to playlist
  • Down Arrow - Advance through songs sections
  • Up Arrow - Go to previous song section
  • Left Arrow - Move down playlist
  • Right Arrow - Move up playlist
  • Ctrl + O – Open playlist
  • Ctrl + S – Save playlist
  • Ctrl + A – Add new song
  • Ctrl + E – Edit song
  • Ctrl + H – Hide playlist
Control Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Ctrl + U – Publish/Subscribe
  • Ctrl + L – Take lead
  • Ctrl + P – Turn on/off projector
  • Ctrl + B – Blank screen
  • Ctrl + F – Follow
  • Ctrl + M – Manage settings
Musical/Guitar Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Ctrl + PageDown – Transpose key down
  • Ctrl + PageUp – Transpose key up
  • PageDown – Capo Down
  • PageUp – Capo Up

What kind of computer do I need?

At the moment Worship.Inc runs on any Windows based PC.  It doesn't need to be a powerful computer - re-use some of your old laptops that have just become a bit slow.

Which versions of Windows do you support?

Anything from Windows XP to Windows 8.  There's also a Windows 8 app in the Windows Store that provdes a simplied interface for touch enabled devices.

Why do I get a "System Update Error" when installing Worship, Inc.?

Worship, Inc uses Microsoft's .NET framework.  In order to install Worship, Inc., please install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher.  The installation file for Microsoft .NET Framework can be found here:

Why Worship, Inc.?

Incorporated [ɪnˈkɔːpəˌreɪtɪd], adj: 1. United into one body; combined.

The product is called Worship, Inc. (Worship Incorporated) because it enables worship teams to work together more efficiently.

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