Have your whole team following the same set list

The worship leader publishes the song set and all the band members subscribe to automatically follow the leader as they change song selection.  Songs in the playlist are updated as the worship leader changes the song to a new key.


Carry all your songs and chords on a tablet PC or iPad

No more lugging that great binder around with you. Load all of your chord sheets onto a single laptop, iPad or tablet PC. Worship, Inc. runs on desktop, laptop, iPad, Microsoft Surface or tablet PC's. Quickly find the song you want without all that leafing through piles of paper.  Using Worship Central users can easily keep songs synced other band members in the church across multiple devices.


Remote control projection

Worship, Inc. enables remote control of the projector display from anywhere on the network.  A singer, pastor or even someone sitting in the congregation can now select the media to display, ensuring you have the right words all the time.  Change songs, verses, stop and start media, step through a PowerPoint presentation etc.  All from any location, even wireless from the stage.


Transpose songs at the press of a button

No more scribbling over the top of chords sheets just before the service.  At the click of a mouse (or touch of a button) change the key of a song and it's instantly available to all other members of the band.

Guitarists can use the capo keys to display the appropriate chords when using a capo whilst leaving the song in original key for other band members.


Add new songs into the playlist as you go

Add songs into the playlist as inspiration leads and the song is instantly made available to other band members.

The projector PC receives updates and corrections too, ensuring the media team always have the right words to display.


Store and edit songs from a central location

Maintain all your song lyrics and chords from a central website and distribute to all your musicians.  
Make sure all you musicians have exactly the same words and chords.


Copy and paste songs from websites

Quickly add new songs by cutting and pasting from the author's website.  Worship, Inc. automatically converts the song into a form that can be shared in a set list or transposed as required


The best all round church worship software package

Worship, inc. not only provides a powerful chord chart management facility but can handle almost every aspect of your worship service from the projection of media clips, PowerPoint shows, images and lyrics.  


PC's link together through standard Wi-Fi

There's no need for messy wires on stage, Worship, Inc. makes use of a standard Wi-Fi router to link PC's together. 


Project the whole song for small groups

Project lyrics verse by verse in large gatherings or church servces where the size of text is important, or display the whole song in one go for small groups.


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