Get Started with Worship Inc.

Download Worship, Inc.

To get started simply click the Download Now link below and run the SETUP.EXE to install and run the software.  Worship, Inc. uses several Microsoft technologies like the .NET Framework, and so the installer will prompt you to install them as part of the installation process if you do not already have them on your PC.

Download Now

Create or join a group

When Worship, Inc. first starts you will need to create or join a group.  A group is used to store copies of your songs on the Worship, Inc Central server and enables other worship team members to connect to you so you can share songs.  Every time a new song is centrally stored or existing song edited, all members of the group receive song updates when Worship, Inc. is started.

If your church has already created a group then enter the group name.  If not, simply enter a new name to create your own group. When you join your church group your administrator will receive an email and will need to authorize access before you can participate in the group.

Enjoy your 3 month free trial

Worship, Inc. is completely free for 3 months.  You can load in your songs, invite up to 10 friends to join your group, share and subscribe to playlists.  It's fully functioning - no strings attached.

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