Lead Control

Worship, Inc uses a lead/follow system to keep everyone in sync with where you are in the worship service.  When the leader selects a song, everyone else connected and set to 'Follow" can see exactly what the leader has selected on their own screen.  More details about each role is listed below.


The lead presenter is the user that controls what song, image, video, PowerPoint, etc. that is being highlight and the same playlist position and highlights will displayed on the other user's computers that are set to "follow".  If a projector is connected within the network to a Worship, Inc. PC, the projector information is also synchronized to what the lead presenter has selected. 

There can only be one lead presenter within a Worship, Inc. Group.  This can be the worship leader, band leader or be controlled from the media PC depending on your worship setup and worship needs.  It can be changed throughout the worship service as needed.

When you have the lead, the button is a darker shade of red.  When you are not the lead the button will be a brighter shade of red.

Take the Lead

Once you toggle to “take the lead” other subscribed users to the playlist will be notified that your PC in now the lead.  When other subscribers are set to “Follow”, their screens will match the position within the playlist of the lead presenter.

Drop the Lead

After toggling to “drop the lead”, your PC is no longer the lead presenter and you control only the content on your screen. 


This follow button enables you to follow or stop following the lead presenter within Worship, Inc.  When you are set in “Follow” mode, your screen will follow the song, position, and graphics of the lead presenter’s screen.  When a song transition has been made on the lead presenters screen, all screens set to follow with the changes being made.  When you are not in the follow mode, any position changes made on the lead presenter’s screen will not appear on the client screen.  You can resume following at any point of the playlist, and the screen will automatically be synchronized with the lead presenter’s position.

When you are following the lead presenter, the button is a darker shade of red.  When you are not following the lead presenter, the button will be a brighter shade of red.



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