Paid for 4 licenses... no license, no response from support

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Paid for 4 licenses... no license, no response from support

Good evening,

I purchased 4 licenses for $99 Saturday and never received any confirmation email, nor are any new licenses available at Worship Inc. Central. I opened a support ticket, #2381, and left two messages on it, with no response. This morning, I left a third message saying that I would like to initiate a refund. Still awaiting response. I'll be sending an email this evening, so I'm hoping that I hear from someone very soon. 

This is a great product, and would be a great competitor to more pricey subscription-based software. Unfortunately, it has seemed to me that development and support for this product has waned significantly, and that it was a mistake to purchase 4 licenses. I did so because I purchased one license last year and have invested a lot of time and hours entering in a huge database of songs and charts, and I thought I was ready to bring the rest of the team on. But now that I am witnessing the barrenness of these forums and the lack of response to my support inquiry, plus the lack of content on the website (I was hoping it would have grown over the past year), I'm afraid support is too scant to justify the purchase when I can pay a bit more to abundant support and more devices with Planning Center. 


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