Playlists are collections of songs, videos, audio files, PowerPoint files and other media within Worship, Inc.  Items are ordered in the playlist how they are to be presented in the worship service.  Once a playlist has been created it can be published for other Worship, Inc users to join and follow along.

Publishing a Playlist

Once a playlist has been created and content has been added, you have the option to “Publish” your playlist.  This shares your playlist and all the content within the playlist with other Worship, Inc. users connected in your LAN (Local Area Network). Users must then subscribe to your playlist to be able to view and access your playlist.  You can publish your playlist by selecting the Playlist Icon or by selecting “Publish my playlist.” in the playlist box.

Joining a Playlist

Once a playlist has been published, other Worship, Inc. on the same network will have the option to join the playlist.  The published playlist on yout local network will appear in the bottom left-hand playlist box under “Select list to join:”  To join one of the available networks, just double click on the playlist itself


Saving/Loading a Playlist

From this menu option you can add new songs, media, to your playlist and you can save, load and manage different playlists.  If your playlist does not appear in this, you can select the “Browse” button, to open any playlist stored on your computer or network.


Organizing Playlist Order

Once content is added to the playlist, you can then organize the order of your playlist by clicking and dragging the individual items to the correct order.  You can also move selected playlist items by highlighting the item needing to be moved and click in the up and down arrows to move the selected item.  The playlist order on the screen will be same order that it will be displayed on the different computers connected to the playlist as well as the projector playlist.  

Leaving a Playlist

If your playlist is already published (or you are already currently subscribed to a playlist), the playlist button will allow you to leave your playlist. This option would be used if you are wanting to leave one playlist and join another.

NOTE: You can tell the status of your playlist by looking at the text at the top left side of the window.  If your playlist is shared you will see “shared” in the text.  If the text does not say “shared” your current playlist is not being shared for other Worship, Inc. users to access.

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