Projector / Second Display

Worship, Inc. is able to display all your media to a projector/second display.  All your songs, lyrics, videos, mp3s, and other media can be easily displayed for your entire congregation.  In addition Worship, Inc. has remote projector control to control songs, lyrics and PowerPoint slides from anywhere on your network.

Media Computer (PC directly connected to projector)

For a computer directly wired to the projector or secondary presenter screen, the projector button toggles between enabling or disabling content being sent to the secondary monitor.

NOTE: When a second display has been properly setup, there will be a visible wire on the projector control icon.  When projector controls are enabled the button is a darker shade of red.  When projector controls are disabled the button will be a brighter shade of red.

Remote Computers (Not Physically Connected to the Projector)

This button toggles between taking control of the projector that is connected within the Worship, Inc. Group.  When the remote computer has the option enabled, they are able to control the position in the playlist and content being displayed on the projector.

NOTE:  At this time only songs, lyrics, and PowerPoint slides are able to be cued and displayed via the remote projector option. Other media (videos, audio, etc.) must be cued and played from the Media Computer that is directly connected to the projector.

When you have control of the projector, the button is a darker shade of red.  When you are not have control of the projector the button will be a brighter shade of red.

Feature Highlight: Worship, Inc. is the only worship software package that can change control dynamically.  You can start a worship set with someone in your media booth controlling the lyrics, change to the worship leader for a specific song and then lastly, the preacher/pastor would have complete control over the PowerPoint presentation. 



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