Main Display


From this setting you can select the default background image/video for the main display. This background image will serve as the skin for the control window of Worship, Inc.

One of the options is to “Use Desktop Background” which will use your current Windows background as your Worship, Inc. background.


When you select the “Settings” tab you will have the following options:

Show clock:  Displays a small digital clock at the top of the window.

Show chords:  Allows the chords to be displayed (if available) for songs in the playlist.  This is ideal for instrumentalists.  

Display whole song:  When selected the entire song with all lyrics will be displayed on a single screen.  When using projector control, the entire song will be displayed at once.

Select verse to display:  When selected the lead user can select the verse to be highlighted.  When using projector control, only the highlighted verse will also be displayed on the external monitor/projector.   

External Display

Under the “External Display tab, you can control the settings of what will be displayed on the external/secondary monitory.  Most setups have this as the projector display.

Adjusting the Text Display Area

You can drag the triangles on the edges of the sample screen to adjust the margins of where text will be displayed.  This is useful when text is running off the edge of the screen or needs to be centered differently on the screen. 

Note: Each projector has different characteristics of how images, text and such are displayed.  This adjustment is a good tool for tweaking how text and other information is displayed using Worship, Inc.


Here you can choose the default background for the external display.  This setting will be default background for all songs and text displayed on the external display.

Use Desktop Background: When this is selected the Worship, Inc. will use the Windows background image as the default background image. 

Set Background:  Here you can chose a browse for a specific image to use as the default background image.

Set Logo: Here you can select a logo for your organization of your church that will be used in different screens within Worship Inc.


Here you can adjust the characteristics for how song text appears.  You can add/remove options to create the text effects that work best for your worship environment.

Outline: This feature when checked adds a colored outline to the text.  This is useful when placing text over bright or light colored background images and videos. This creates more contrast making the text more visible.

Shadow: This feature when checked adds a shadow to the text.  This helps give the text depth on screen and creates additional contrast between the text and background.

You can also adjust the shadow position by click or dragging within the text preview window.  You can adjust the highlight to be anywhere (360 degrees) around the text.

Text Color: This option selects the default text color.  The pull down selects most common used colors.  Selecting the “Text Color” box opens a new window to select the text color from a color pallet.

Outline Color: This option selects the default outline color.  The pull down selects most common used colors.  Selecting the “Outline Color” box opens a new window to select the text color from a color pallet.

Size and Positioning

These settings allow you to control the different settings related to font size and the position of text on the screen.

Display Justification: There are three options to select from this menu to set justification: left, center and right.

Vertical Alignment: There are three options to select from this menu to set vertical alignment: top, center and bottom.

External Display Settings

Display Author and Copyright Info: This option will display the song author and church copyright info (including CCLI license if applicable) at the end of each song

Projector Connected:  This enables the secondary monitored connected to the PC to be controlled by Worship, Inc.  This option needs to be checked on the media PC controlling the secondary screen. 

User Tip:  When this option is selected the projector icon on the bottom left hand of the screen will have an extra curved line below it.  This is a visual reminder that the projector is connected.



Here you can enter your CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International) number.  This will be displayed on your songs when the “Display Author and Copyright Info” under External Display Settings


This option resets all display settings to default.  This option is useful when text is displaying improperly and you are unsure which settings are not correct.

Network Options

This adjusts how Worship, Inc. will handle when new playlist are published on the local area network.  You can choose whether you want to automatically join, ask to join or don’t ask to join new published playlists.


Group Memberships

This is where you create, join, or leave a Worship, Inc. group.  If you are currently associated with a group, the group information will be displayed under "Group Memberships".  

Worship, Inc. Central

This is a link to redirect you to Worship, Inc. Central where you can manage your online account, song database and other account maintenance.

Syncing Options

When this is selected, Worship, Inc. will attempt to synchronize the song database with your group's database stored on Worship Central on startup.  This will sync any songs updates and changes that have occurred since Worship, Inc. was last started.

Clear Local Database

Clearing your local database will remove all songs, song edits, and other song database information.  


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